myblackbox co.

myblackbox co. is a curated and original content space focused exclusively on Black-owned businesses and creators.

daily we share stories full of hue across the following:

beauty | food | fashion | home | art

myblackbox co. focuses on hueful stories from our national community. We'd love to tell your story! Previously known as blackbox, we provided a thorough selection of unique, quality products made by Black-owned businesses as a subscription box service. The images above are products subscribers discovered in previous boxes!

beauty | food | fashion | home | art


We research and review quality products made exclusively by Black-owned businesses.


We focus on sharing the stories of Black entrepreneurs daily on our blog and across social.


We have thoughts and opinions about life in general as Black women; find what resonates with you.


*Note: Items shown are from previous blackbox subscription boxes. Select photography onsite by Sherdes Leona.