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We were happy to introduce A Daddy's Love through our my B.O.B. campaign on Instagram! This campaign is to bring awareness to Black businesses in general from the owner's perspective. We want to know the vision and purpose behind the business. Through our blog, we can dig even deeper into the stories and get a fuller perspective to share with you!

A Daddy's Love was originally founded in 2001 by Malik Sabour when his beautiful daughter Aliyah was diagnosed with severe eczema. When nothing the doctors prescribed worked for Aliyah's skin, Malik turned to nature! People were amazed with the transformation of Aliyah's skin and A Daddy's Love was born.

When first launching A Daddy's Love in 2011, what was the hardest part about getting started?

The hardest part about getting started is just believing in yourself. I created my products out of love for my daughter. I thought of it as a business idea but I created road blocks mentally that delayed me starting it as a business for 10 more years after I created the products.

How did you grow the business from family and friends to health fairs, beauty shows and finally into stores?

Family and friends saw the transformation of my daughter's skin and would ask me to make some for their rashes or dry skin. In 2011 a family friend told me about a big church convention in town for 2 days, and told me it would be good for me to vendor there. I decided to do it and give it a try as my first event. To my surprise, I sold out of all 100 jars in a day and a half. That's when I knew I could do it. I went from approaching people in grocery store parking lots, and at gas station pumps, to community health fairs, to pop-up shops at the Essence Festival, Bronner Brothers, and other Black Expos. After a year of this, I wanted to start having stores carry my products. I approached a local small business in my area, showed them my before and after pictures and testimonies and gave them a sample of my products. They love it and I was paid for my first order. First store location, check!

What advice do you have for another Black entrepreneur CREATING A BUSINESS OUT OF NECESSITY?

My best advice is "believe in yourself, no doubts, you only achieve what you believe"! If you believe you will fail, you will. If it was created out of necessity like in my instance, God has given it to you; not just to make your situation or love one better, but you must help others who are also suffering as you were searching for a solution. There are others searching also but can't find [a solution]. Don't be a service to the world! Next, just start!!! Don't worry about money or anything, just start. Start with people closest to you. Build confidence with family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc., then the public. Remember success is intentional. It's a journey; enjoy the process.

What's the best part about running A Daddy's Love?

The best part about what I do is hearing people say to me, "your products changed my life".  Knowing people felt hopeless after doctor's medicines or shots didn't work and after using my products, they now have pride where they can wear shorts again because they're not ashamed of how their skin looks anymore. Or the peace of mind that a mother has on her face when her child is no longer suffering from the symptoms of eczema. That gives me purpose!

What's your best-selling product?

My best-selling product is my Intensive Healing Body Butters. My deeply moisturizing antibacterial healing butters help treat eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, diabetic dry skin, chemotherapy patient skin, dialysis patient skin, sunburn, cracked feet, athletic feet, dry scalp, diabetic skin ulcers, diabetic nerve pain, and even sore muscles.

Make sure to check out the full line of A Daddy's Love products here. It was such a pleasure learning more about Malik's story and we are wishing him much growth and success ongoing!

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