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starting over

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What does it mean to start over? This is a question we all will ask ourselves multiple times in our lives. Regardless of what hat you wear—woman, mother, sister, friend, entrepreneur— it isn't the easiest question to answer. When my former co-founder Jacque and I started blackbox we envisioned a subscription box filled with products made by Black makers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. We wanted to see a representation of ourselves and our community in the products that we all use daily or the ideas we all consider at some point in life.

About 8 months ago, blackbox took a hiatus. In that time, Jacque has moved on to fully focus on her growing family and now—rebranded— myblackbox co. is solely a content platform for Black business owners. I'll continue sharing your stories and showcasing what makes you unique to people who want to learn, try, and fall in love with the hundreds of different options available when it comes to beauty, food, fashion, home, and art.

There was so much work and excitement tied into what Jacque and I started with the subscription box service. I know she loved what we were able to bring to you each month for the full year the service was available. I don't doubt you'll see more from Jacque as entrepreneurship is in her DNA.

What can you expect now?

Stories. Original and curated content. An outlet. A platform. A safe space to embrace something other than the status quo. The myBOB stories will continue. Curation of content from others will continue. Businesses owned by Black creatives and makers will forever be given an outlet with myblackbox co. We're all a part of a platform and a movement that isn't stopping any time soon. With the limited number of safe spaces we have in this world, in this country, I hope to continue to bring surprise, intrigue, appreciation, and empowerment through the content shared from myblackbox co.

want to be a part of this?

Easy. Reach out via the contact page. Whether you're a bare-bones, newly started or finally getting your legs under you Black owned business, I would love to hear from you. And for those who are supporters who have not started—or are inching towards, Black owned businesses please also reach out. The more empowerment we give and share, the better the stories and experiences.

Lastly, before blackbox focused on being your box full of hue. Well, now myblackbox co. is focused on hueful stories. What does yours add to the fabric of Black entrepreneurship?


Founder & Marketing Director

inside the box: February 2018

this month is all about love

The month of February is Black History Month and also a very commercialized time for Valentine's Day. As we get swept up in expressing our love to everyone during this time, it is important to remember there's no greater love than self-love. We provide our best love to others when we love and take care of ourselves.

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses.

As always, make sure to share your unboxing photos and videos by tagging #myFEB18blackbox. We love sharing your discovery experience!

february blackbox included:

Southern Girl Granola - Cranberry Granola (not pictured): The biggest part of self love and taking care of yourself is eating healthy. This sweet, yummy granola allows you to eat healthy and be satisfied. We wanted to include something that could be eaten on the go or enjoyed during a quiet moment at home. Creator Erika and Southern Girl Granola has a variety of flavors including Original, Cranberry, Dark Chocolate and Sweet Potato.

The Caramel Girl Collection - Land of Milk & Honey Soap: Owner Tamica of The Caramel Girl Collection, reminds us to love the skin we're in, with her natural bath & body collection for your skin, face and hair. We love that she has items for the men and even candles, too! A good bar of soap that compliments your skin can be hard to find. The Land of Milk & Honey soap was a perfect choice for this month's collection and we love the scent.

Art & Ambition - Follow Your Calling Print: This beautiful print by Addie, creator of Art & Amibition, is an excellent reminder that we were given talents and dreams for a reason and it is our best interest to follow our callings to live out our purpose in this life. Addie's drawings are classy, motivational, and showcase Black women in their elegance. The Art & Ambition collection contains art prints, travel mugs, planners, notebooks, notecards and more.

ILMB Fitness - Love Stayput Headband: Another piece of self-love is taking time to exercise. The Love Stayput Headband is a perfect accessory to your workout outfit. It keeps hair in place so you don't have to worry about it interfering with your get fit plans! Owner LaMonica, is a personal trainer and and has a fitness collection to match. The fitness wear includes sports bra, workout pants, t-shirts and more.

Inclusive Randomness - Black Don't Crack Mirror:  The creative collection from Inclusive Randomness was a fun find for this month's box. We had to include the Black Don't Crack mirror as a bold reminder to ourselves and others that we were built to last. Check out Inclusive Randomness, owned by Nzingah, which has a variety of t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons, mirrors and other great items.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this month's featured businesses and stay tuned for what we have in store for March, our 1 year anniversary box! Have you subscribed yet? Make sure to get your box here.

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inside the box: January 2018


2018: can't tell us nothing year

We are so glad to make it into 2018 and bring you our first blackbox of the new year. We wanted to start 2018 off with a box packed full of great products. Last year, our official website was launched in January, so this is month marks our first year of operations! It's so exciting to watch an idea be implemented and grow. As always, thank you for rocking with us. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store, but for now we'll start off showcasing our January 2018 blackbox.

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses.

As always, make sure to share your unboxing photos and videos by tagging #myJAN18blackbox. We love sharing your discovery experience!


january blackbox included:

DecoArt Manufacturers - Decorative Switch Plate: The creative collection of decorative switch plates, by owner Warren, are a breath of fresh air to your home. We loved the vast variety of plates to choose from that would compliment an array of decor to spruce up any room. These also make great gifts and it was a great find for our January box.

Rock Candy Earrings - I Support Black Business Pin: We wanted to remind our subscribers of our mission with blackbox by including this pin in January's box. By supporting blackbox, you are equally supporting 4-6 other Black-owned businesses on a monthly basis. The I Support Black Business pin by Della, of Rock Candy Earrings, is a simple statement piece that could be worn on your clothing or other accessory or bag. Her collection also includes earrings, buttons and travel cups/mugs.

LaShonetay Art Supplies - Plum Seed Acrylic Paint: We were so happy to find the art supplies of LaShonetay and thought it was a unique find to include in the box. We hope the paint awakens your creative side and could be put to good use. LaShonetay Art Supplies provides a collection of paint colors including light, dark, and melanated tones. Her shop also has paint brushes to get you off on the right foot for your painting masterpiece.

Nostalgia Collective - Remember the Time Card: Raf's collection of greeting cards, fridge magnets, posters, sweaters/t-shirts and more, was an excellent find! It was so hard to choose which item we wanted to feature for this month's box. However, we went with the King of Pop with the Remember the Time card as we transition into the Valentine shopping season for February. Check out the variety of products offered by the Nostalgia Collective.

Hair Brew - Knot Happenin' Detangler: The Knot Happenin' Detangler by Hair Brew was a much needed inclusion for the winter season, especially when our hair is most prone to being dry. This detangler/conditioner smells great and worked well when tested and we wanted to share with you this month. Abenaa's collection at Hair Brew include butters, beard kits, body oils, scrubs, conditioners and more. She's got your full body covered.

Detroit Chips - BBQ Chips: If you've been a monthly subscriber for a while, then you know we love to throw in a good snack. Detroit Chips was a great discovery for the new year and they have a variety of yummy flavors to choose from. We went with the classic BBQ chip for January's box. It's crunchy and flavorful. Make sure to check out Detroit Chips, owned by Michael W.

As our first box of 2018, we hope you enjoyed discovering our first 6 Black business owned made products. Be sure to tell friends and family about blackbox—subscribe for an one-time, monthly or quarterly box here.

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inside the box: December 2017

outside of box.jpg

wrap it up

Welp, the time has come to wrap up 2017 in many aspects, including our last blackbox of the year. Since shipping our first box in March, we have learned a lot, made quite a few changes and are certainly excited for what's to come in 2018. To close out the year, we are bringing your another four great Black-owned products from the following categories: bath & body, fashion accessories and two items from home & office.

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll get to learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses.

As always, make sure to share your unboxing photos and videos by tagging #myDECEMBERblackbox. We love sharing what you've discovered.

outside of box 2.jpg

december blackbox included:

Bask & Bloom - Balancing Toner: With the cold winter months in the midst, a healthy regimen for keeping skin fresh, clean and moisturized is in order. The Balancing Toner from Bask & Bloom is great to use after a face cleaning to get rid of excess dirt. Owner Candera loves natural remedies using herbs and created Bask & Bloom out of her love for conscious beauty products. The collection includes hair masques, shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cleansers, body butter, and more! 

Love Carter Designs - Follow Your Heart Necklace: This simple, yet stylish statement necklace by Lover Carter Designs is a nice reminder to follow your heart in all you do. We wanted to include an encouraging jewelry piece this month as we head into the new year. Love Carter Designs is an inspirational jewelry collection which has bracelets, necklaces, phone cases and personalized jewelry as well co-owned by Alecia.

LooHoo - PeaceFelt Collection: The PeaceFelt Collection by LooHoo, owned by Cyndi, was a unique find. These wool stones can be used to freshen up a room, your car or even a clothing drawer by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil. They are also great for relieving stress by lightly rubbing the stones. LooHoo also makes natural wool dryer balls that are environmentally-friendly, reusable and cost effective.

Page Eleven Paper Goods - Travel Journal: We were happy to find the beautiful Travel Journal created by Elisha of Page Eleven Paper Goods. This journal will be particularly handy for all those looking to fill their passport books in 2018 or traveling domestically. Page Eleven Paper Goods offers a collection of planners and journals to help guide you to the next level by keeping you focused and organized.

closeup in box.jpg

As our last box of 2017, we were happy to wrap it up with a great collection of products to fuel you into the new year on a mission of freshness, drive, peace and eagerness to travel uncharted territory. As we flow into 2018, continue this journey of discovery with us by subscribing to your monthly blackbox here. 

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inside the box: November 2017

insidethebox upclose.jpg

we thank you!

November is a time of reflection for everything you are thankful for. Although we are thankful daily, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for supporting us since we launched earlier this year. This month we featured four Black-owned businesses from the following categories: bath & body, food & drink, fashion accessories and home & office.

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll get to learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses.

As always, make sure to share your unboxing photos and videos by tagging #myNOVEMBERblackbox. We love sharing what you've discovered.

flat no box.jpg

november blackbox included:

Arawak Farm - Jerk Pepper Sauce: November is the time to throw down in the kitchen, so we decided to throw some heat in too. The Jerk Pepper Sauce from Arawak Farm was a great find for this time of year. The collection of spices, rubs, sauces and spreads are inspired by and pay homage to founder Lloyd's Arawak Indian heritage. The Jerk Pepper Sauce has some kick, but it's too good to stop eating!

Meaux Moisture - Bug Beater Insect Repellent: We wanted to feature a unique bath & body product in November's box and loved the idea of a natural insect repellent that we discovered by Meaux Moisture. This is a handy item to keep in your purse or handbag after we make it through winter season. Owner Morrisa, has a nice variety of products in her line including face, body, hair and men's.

Rochon Ink - Carnival Gold Coasters: When we discovered Ursula's work and her line Rochon Ink, we fell in love. Her artwork is vibrant, colorful, and screams New Orleans! The Carnival Gold coasters were a perfect fit for the box and we love her hand-painted design. Rochon Ink provides art prints, magnets, street tile paintings and coasters.

Root & Hope: Half Moon Earrings: The Afro-Caribbean inspired collection by Root & Hope, owned by Ruthann, was such a fun discovery. It was tough to choose which item from her collection to feature in November's box. She makes a variety of bracelets, earrings and chokers. You'll find natural wood used in her work and can definitely see the craftsmanship in the finishing touches. 

outside the box II.jpg

We are just about done with 2017 and we are thrilled to have you on this journey of discovery with us. Don't forget to tag us with #myNOVEMBERblackbox when posting photos and unboxing videos of your blackbox for an opportunity to be featured on our website.

What was your favorite product this month? Share in the comments below! December subscriptions are open for a short period of time, closing on November 15. If you haven't yet subscribed, better get your December box here!

your box full of hue.