From the Founders: Super Woman


This post was written by Co-Founder Jacque Carrington.

When you think of Super Woman, who or what do you think of? It is the superhero on TV and in the movies? Or is it your mom? Friend? Sister? Aunt? Mentor? Grandmother? Or someone else you know?

As black women who both work full-time jobs and run blackbox, we'd like to think of ourselves as super women; however, we aren't too boastful and would rather share what a superwoman looks like in our eyes. And, how we can all be better superwomen today.


Whether your personal superwoman is your mom, sister, co-worker, grandmother or someone else you know or love, most super women have similar attributes: strength, a story, and being a conqueror.

A superwoman to me is someone who takes all the hardships thrown at them and still finds a way to turn those negatives into positives in their life. I don’t think we should all be superwomen every hour of every day, because it’s exhausting and takes a toll on our mental health. But finding that strength to move forward when you are ready and able to, that’s being a super woman to me.
— Brittinee, Co-Founder/CMO

It is a known fact that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. All experiences in our lives build us into the people we are today. "As a little girl growing up, my mom was my super woman," says Co-Founder Jacque, "she raised us on limited resources as a teacher, was an excellent role model, her and our dad gave my brother and I a strong Christian foundation and always encourage our dreams and talents. My mom taught me to always follow my dreams and has been supportive of just about every business idea I've ever had. Seeing her work as a teacher and always have a side hustle certainly rubbed off on me even until this day. As a former accountant, she [and my dad] taught us about money and importance of personal finance. Without her guidance, I wouldn't be who I am today."

Looking at what we juggle in our lives as women whether it's a job, business, family, school, or maybe a mix of all of the above, it's amazing what a woman on a mission can accomplish. For both co-founders of blackbox staying organized and managing our time are some key attributes to staying sane week to week.

Co-Founder Brittinee shares, "I think that most people find it hard to manage their time effectively. I've never had that problem because I like to plan and organize. I also am great at risk assessment when it comes to the benefits of a choice I'm making on my personal and professional life. So the hardest part about working a day job for me is not really hard. Growing a business, now that's hard because you want people to learn about you and believe in you without cheapening your brand or doing what other "bigger" brands do. Basically, how do you remain authentic as a new brand and actually become profitable - that's the hard part".


Working a day job and trying to build a successful business can be intense and at times tiresome. To all the other working entrepreneurs out there, kudos to you! Everyday you work to build your dream, doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Don't give up, we are right there with you! To close out this edition of From the Founders, here's one more tip:

Get into a routine. Set time everyday either before work, during lunch or after work to work on your business. Write down your goals and an action plan weekly. Don’t get discourage. Utilize your support system and remember your “why” to keep you motivated!
— Jacque, Co-Founder/COO