Inside the Box: April 2017

box #2: check!

Can't believe how fast time flew by! We've curated and shipped our 2nd blackbox to you (our lovely subscribers)! Thank you for sticking around, telling your friends and family, and helping us grow our new service for discovering great Black-owned businesses.

With April's collection and the change of weather, we wanted to throw in some pops of color to liven up your mood and get you #springready. This season certainly boosts our mood - seeing nature come back to life and all that sunshine. Plus it means we are this much closer to summer!

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll also get to learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses. 

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april box included:

Glassy Brown Cookies - Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies: If you're one of the few people who never gets a sweet tooth, we apologize in advance. However, if you're like the rest of us who get a taste for sweets, then these cookies are for you! Arlene, founder of Glassy Brown Cookies certainly has a touch for cookies with her variety of flavors such as Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Delight and Oats So Delicious, to name a few. Glassy Brown also does cookie catering in the Central New Jersey area.

Dope Crochet - Knotty Girl Earrings: Ericka, the artist behind Dope Crochet, brings a unique style to crochet work with her contemporary, original handmade designs. While curating for April, we decided to feature a fashion accessory that was fun, gave a pop of color and simply stylish. We found that with the Knotty Girl Earrings. The full collection from Dope Crochet features items such as headbands, home decor, halter tops, lapel pins and more!

Creative Allure - Lady Chic Magnet: Creative Allure is a stationery and gift boutique owned by Lisa Yvette. It was tough deciding what exactly we wanted to feature from Creative Allure due to the awesome number of items that would have fit perfectly in April's collection. However, we decided on the Lady Chic magnet for its beautiful color scheme as well as being able to use it in a variety of places. You'll find a nice collection of bookmarks, notecards, fashion buttons, magnets and even phone cases with art designed by Lisa Yvette from Creative Allure. 

OOO Polish - Askia Ishaq: OOO Polish was specifically created to complement women of color skin tones. What we loved most was the array of color selections OOO offered and it was hard to select just one color to feature in April's box.  We selected the Askia Ishaq color for its beauty and reminisce of the tropics, summer and the beach. After all, spring is just pre-summer!  

Jovi Shai - Shea Coconut Body Conditioner: Jovi Shai was another business we have been in contact with since the conception of blackbox. Their products showed well and we wanted to feature something for the skin during April to help prepare you for summer. The Jovi Shai product line consists of body conditioner, soap, hair co-wash, salt scrub, and a beard conditioner for men. The products are all natural and don't use any preservatives; the ingredients are also organic.

All Things O'Natural - Oral Mouth Rinse: The husband and wife team (Syeed and Dominique) behind All Things O'Natural started with a hopeful "what if" vision. Their vision has grown into candles, hair care, lip care, bath and body, a men's line and even oral care for their brand. While we could have easily selected another soap or lotion-type item for April, we opted for the Spearmint Oral Mouth Rinse to show a different aspect of Black-made bath and body products. Everybody wants fresh breath, right? All Things O'Natural also uses fresh, natural ingredients for their product lines and prides itself on use of eco-friendly packaging.


April's blackbox is in the books! So much fun goes into curating each collection for you. Don't forget, share your unboxing photos by using #myAPRILblackbox. We love seeing you with your blackbox and your newly discovered products. 

Tell us in the comments below - what was your favorite item in April's box? There's still time to subscribe to May's box here (subscription closes on April 30)! Did you miss our March box? Click here to check out what else we've featured.

Your box full of hue.