Inside the Box: May 2017

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may day, may day!

May's box was well received by our subscribers. We're excited to share more about the wonderful businesses featured this month! As blackbox continues to grow, so too does the exposure for our featured businesses. The curated collection for May included five products for your immediate use!

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll also get to learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and the featured businesses. 

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may blackbox included:

The Glitterati Company: Latika created The Glitterati Company to celebrate and encourage women and girls to be confident, proud, and live life to its fullest. Her collection includes a variety of pins that touches each of those points. We selected the Boy Bye pin for this month's collection as a fun accessory for your clothing or even to pin on a backpack, pouch or purse. 

Akaimi the Artist: Each subscriber this month received an assorted art print from Akaimi the Artist. We went with the assorted collection because it was hard to just choose one or two designs to feature. Akaimi's business was also featured on our blog in which you can learn more about the stories behind her artwork. Although we just featured an art print within blackbox, Akaimi also offers original paintings, clothing such as leggings and tank tops, and home items that feature her artwork as well. 

Coco Bubbly: The owner Oh of Coco Bubbly created an OH so lovely oil blend for your hair and scalp that we just had to showcase. It is even beard friendly for a male friend or loved one! We loved the dropper packaging that makes it easy to apply. Coco Bubbly also offers a cream deodorant, body butter and salt bath in her collection and we certainly encourage you to try.

PUSH Paper Co.: Need to organize your thoughts? Be more productive? Look no further than the planners, notebooks, pens, and calendars offered by Attilah of PUSH Paper Company. We love being organized and writing things down. Therefore, we wanted to share a notebook with matching pen in this collection to encourage our subscribers to do the same. What better way to get things done than to have them written down so you can cross them off and see your progess!

Thrifty Upenyu: Sheila, owner of Thrifty Upenyu has an awesome collection of African-inspired fabric in which she offers tea wallets (to carry packets of tea), ID wallets, purses and more! Because we weren't sure how avid of tea drinkers our subscribers may be, we chose to feature the ID wallet instead to put to immediate use. The fabric we selected due to its vibrant colors and design. The best part about shopping with Thrifty Upenyu is that the fabrics are always changing so there is definitely incentive to check back continually to see what's new.

May blackbox was a pleasure curating for you and we hope you enjoyed the collection as much as we did. Don't forget to share your unboxing photos and videos by us #myMAYblackbox on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. We love seeing you and your newly discovered products!

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Your box full of hue.