inside the box: February 2018

this month is all about love

The month of February is Black History Month and also a very commercialized time for Valentine's Day. As we get swept up in expressing our love to everyone during this time, it is important to remember there's no greater love than self-love. We provide our best love to others when we love and take care of ourselves.

Inside the Box is your look at our curated collection for the month. You'll learn a little more about our thoughts, selection process, and featured businesses.

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february blackbox included:

Southern Girl Granola - Cranberry Granola (not pictured): The biggest part of self love and taking care of yourself is eating healthy. This sweet, yummy granola allows you to eat healthy and be satisfied. We wanted to include something that could be eaten on the go or enjoyed during a quiet moment at home. Creator Erika and Southern Girl Granola has a variety of flavors including Original, Cranberry, Dark Chocolate and Sweet Potato.

The Caramel Girl Collection - Land of Milk & Honey Soap: Owner Tamica of The Caramel Girl Collection, reminds us to love the skin we're in, with her natural bath & body collection for your skin, face and hair. We love that she has items for the men and even candles, too! A good bar of soap that compliments your skin can be hard to find. The Land of Milk & Honey soap was a perfect choice for this month's collection and we love the scent.

Art & Ambition - Follow Your Calling Print: This beautiful print by Addie, creator of Art & Amibition, is an excellent reminder that we were given talents and dreams for a reason and it is our best interest to follow our callings to live out our purpose in this life. Addie's drawings are classy, motivational, and showcase Black women in their elegance. The Art & Ambition collection contains art prints, travel mugs, planners, notebooks, notecards and more.

ILMB Fitness - Love Stayput Headband: Another piece of self-love is taking time to exercise. The Love Stayput Headband is a perfect accessory to your workout outfit. It keeps hair in place so you don't have to worry about it interfering with your get fit plans! Owner LaMonica, is a personal trainer and and has a fitness collection to match. The fitness wear includes sports bra, workout pants, t-shirts and more.

Inclusive Randomness - Black Don't Crack Mirror:  The creative collection from Inclusive Randomness was a fun find for this month's box. We had to include the Black Don't Crack mirror as a bold reminder to ourselves and others that we were built to last. Check out Inclusive Randomness, owned by Nzingah, which has a variety of t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons, mirrors and other great items.

We hope you enjoyed learning about this month's featured businesses and stay tuned for what we have in store for March, our 1 year anniversary box! Have you subscribed yet? Make sure to get your box here.

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