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We were happy to introduce Nikki, owner of Divine Luxury Bath & Body through our my B.O.B. campaign on Instagram! This campaign brings awareness to Black businesses from the owner's perspective. At blackbox we believe it's important to know the vision and purpose behind a business. Through our blog, we can dig deeper into their stories and provide a fuller perspective with you!

After registering her business in February 2014, it wasn't until her daughter asked "Mom, when are you going to start your business? You have all these supplies just sitting here wasting away; JUST DO IT!", that kicked Nikki into gear to just do it, and launch her natural bath & body company, Divine Luxury.


What was it about bath & body products that made you want to start your own collection and launch Divine Luxury?

I'm a nurturer by heart and I love helping others without expecting anything in return. I've been that way since childhood. There are two things I truly enjoy doing for others, that's preparing a meal for them or making them feel beautiful. I started Divine Luxury Bath and Body because I felt the process would be a lot easier to start and it was my way of giving back to others, especially women. There's something about bath and body products that can change to your mood and put a smile on your face at the same time. 

You mentioned your daughter asked you when you would to start your business after a period of stagnation, what was your response to her?

After registering my business in February of 2014, I stopped. I didn't start creating products or anything. I was still doing some research, but hadn't created anything. One day my daughter came up to me and said, "Mom, you have all these supplies you order for your business just sitting around collecting dust, what are you waiting on...just do it!". At that moment, I said your absolutely right, and I immediately starting working on my bath salt collection. She was the push that got me out of my own way. I was so afraid to actually "start" because I had no clue on how to actually run a "successful" business. But, I moved my feet and I have been going strong ever since she made that statement to me. I'm learning as I go, taking the good with the bad. I'm just glad I STARTED. There's no failure in starting.

How awesome that your husband was your first sale to get the ball rolling. How has your business grown since that first sale?

Yes, having the support from my husband is amazing. To know he has my back while I'm on my entrepreneurial journey gives me a piece of mind because I know he will always keep it 100 with me. Since he made the first purchase in 2014, business has had a steady increase, and honestly, I'm glad it has been growing at a gradual pace. I'm not going to lie, in the beginning sales were very slow and most of my customers were friends. I was afraid that sales would never pick up. However, once I started doing more conferences and events, I was able to introduce my brand to the masses. By doing more shows, it has helped increase sales and brand recognition, which creates lots of return customers. I appreciate everyone who supports Divine Luxury, but the return customers make a huge difference in a brand's success. 

What did you learn from your great grandparents and great aunt as entrepreneurs that has helped you with your business?

Growing up I had relatives who owned sucessful businesses, however, being so young I never asked them questions on how they got started or what things to avoid while owning a business. I just knew I wanted to have something of my own when I got older. Hopefully they are looking down on me and are proud that I'm following my dreams. 

What advice would you give to someone like yourself, who has an idea, but is scared to take that first step to launch?

My advice to someone who wants to start their own business, is to make sure you research your market and identify what you can offer that no one else is offering. If you can find a mentor in your desired field, that's great. Even if they are not, a business mentor will guide you on not making the same mistakes they did or at least be a great resource for you to share your ideas.  Also, start saving money to fund your business. In the beginning you want to establish your business name, website, photos for your site, supplies, etc. Those things cost money, so make sure you save for them, because I would avoid getting a loan for the longest time. Remember, banks want their money regardless of you selling your product or service. Work on your on personal credit to improve it, if it's not so great, just in case you do want to get a loan. Also, use your free resources like the SBA. They offer tons of free classes and other service to help you grow your business. The last thing I will say is invest in your own personal growth as a brand owner. That means taking a class or attending a paid conference. Once you stop learning, your business will stop growing. Oh, one more thing, surround yourself with people who are moving in the direction you want to go and learn from them. That's it and have fun while you live your dream!!!


It was such a pleasure learning more about Nikki's journey to launch with her business, Divine Luxury Bath & Body. It goes to show that supportive people and belief in yourself is key when taking a step into the unknown with entrepreneurship. We wish Nikki continued growth and success!

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my B.O.B. - Naturally Boundless

We were happy to introduce Jasmine, founder of Naturally Boundless through our my B.O.B. campaign on Instagram! This campaign brings awareness to Black businesses from the owner's perspective. At blackbox we believe it's important to know the vision and purpose behind a business. Through our blog, we can dig deeper into their stories and provide a fuller perspective with you!

From a full ride scholarship to college playing volleyball to creating her own natural haircare line, Jasmine's journey to launching Naturally Boundless was rooted in her discovery of self and being all of her true being, unapologetically.

Wow! You played volleyball on a full ride scholarship! Did you consider going pro while you were still playing?

Volleyball has been such a huge part of my life. I started playing volleyball at such a young age and it completely consumed me. I loved playing the sport, I loved being part of a team and once I started playing in college it became my identity. I was and still am very passionate about the sport. By my senior year at LMU I knew I had to make a decision regarding playing overseas or starting my career. I chose to start my career in sports TV and stay in the US. I knew that I couldn't play in the states and I wasn't ready to go overseas, so I began my journey in broadcast production. The good thing is, I live in Southern California and the transition into beach volleyball has been amazing! 

What did you dislike most about the natural haircare process that pushed you to create Naturally Boundless?

Naturally Boundless began out of frustration with my own haircare regimen. I was a major product junkie but nothing was really working. I never got the results that I wanted and I was overspending on so many different products that were allegedly 'must-haves.'  So I began to focus on products that I felt were truly needed in a regimen while also taking a good look at the ingredients being used. That started me on a path of researching natural ingredients that truly benefit your hair health!! So all in all, the most frustrating parts about the natural haircare process was an overload of products (that you don't really need) and ingredients that aren't beneficial to your hair health. 


What makes the haircare process with Naturally Boundless easier?

Naturally Boundless is all about streamlining your haircare routine. All of our products are multi-use so you're able to cut the amount of products you purchase. Most naturals need to cleanse, condition, and style so we developed products that do just that and more: 

(1) Clarifying Shampoo and Body Bar: This cleansing bar can be used as a body wash and as a Clarifying shampoo bar

(2) Sweet Mint Smoothie Conditioner: This is actually a set. It comes with an 8oz conditioner and 2 empty 4oz bottles. You basically customize your Leave in and Refresher spray by adding the conditioner and water to each bottle. So, you're buying 1 conditioner but end up getting 3 full products! 

(3) Whipped Shea Sorbet: This creamy butter is all natural and truly is a jack of all trades. It can be used to lock in moisture, style your hair, Hydrate skin and as a facial moisturizer. The list truly goes on and on for this product! 

(4) Body Glow Pumice Scrub: Our Pumice Scrub exfoliates your entire body and is gentle enough to use on your face too. This product works really well in conjunction with our soap bar for an exfoliating clean and then layered with our Whipped Shea Sorbet to seal in all-day moisture.

Any new products in the pipeline? Where do you see the business going next?

I definitely don't plan on expanding the line of products too much because I want to keep it simple. However, there are 1 or 2 products that will compete the Naturally Boundless roster in the near future!! 

Could you share some of your favorite haircare tips?

My favorite hair care tip is to get to know your hair because that'll be the most important factor in how to take care of it and how to style it! A shape or trim goes a long way!!! Felicia Leatherwood just gave me my first shape and I feel like a completely different person!! Last but not least, get your hair on a regimen! Deep condition, wash and lock in moisture! 


It was a pleasure learning more about Jasmine and her story behind Naturally Boundless. You can learn more about your haircare line here and take advantage of an exclusive 20% offer for our readers using code: NB20.

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