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October is moving along quickly as we hit the halfway mark of the month! There remains so much to do before 2018 comes to a close. Our myBOB stories continue with Tamica A. Lightfoot, owner and creator of The Caramel Girl Collection. Body and skin care are very important to Black women, especially Tamica.

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Focusing her business on another important feature of many Black women—skin, Tamica is making a difference in how Black women (and men) protect, love, and maintain their healthy skin—and ensuring they love the skin they’re in!

With the body and skin care industry providing several options across many brands, why did you decide you needed to bring The Caramel Girl Collection to market?

This is a great question. I decided to bring my brand to market because I saw the positive impact that it has had on me and my customers. There are several Shea butter based products on the market but I have received several compliments, not only on my texture but the lasting impact of my products. Variety is important and I feel that offering different options to consumers keeps them interested in those products.

Have you battled with eczema or have family, friends who have? What impact does that have on your business?

I personally suffer from eczema which is what prompted me to create my own products. I felt that I should be able to experience scented products that did not cause a reaction for my skin. As I experimented with various natural plant based essential oils, I found the perfect combination. My goal is to give eczema suffers a healthy option for their skin that allows them to explore different scents.

What advice would you give to young Black girls and women who are struggling to find their purpose or space in the world?

Follow your heart and follow your dreams. Live for you and what is best for you. Live without fear of failing and step out on faith. I moved to Atlanta in 2015 with no family or friends in the state. I had to follow my dream of establishing my business and growing my brand. My leap of faith into the unknown has turned out to be my biggest blessing.

Are there new products you'll be launching with CGC? Or, do you have special products for the holiday season?

CGC will be launching Maven our new haircare system this October. We are excited to launch this product and look forward to the responses we plan to receive from our customers. In December, we will launch our skin care line as well. For the holidays we will offer at-home spa packages which will feature our hand poured soy candles!

How did you get involved with events and bringing your products to consumers offline?

When I moved to Atlanta, I decided that the best way to network would be to participate in various vendor events across the city. As a result, I decided to start hosting my own events. This has truly helped me make a name for myself and partner with other small business owners.

What advice would you give to someone like you, who has an idea, but is scared to take the first step?

We can not live in fear of failure or defeat. If you have an idea, do your research, establish you niche and go for it! Building a brand takes time, dedication, and preparation. You must invest mentally, physically, and financially into your business. Sacrifice is key but the long term pay off is well worth it.

Don’t forget you can also purchase products for the men in your life as Tamica does offer beard kits. Taking a risk and being persistent at achieving your goals is clearly lessons Tamica stands by. As Black women we are often attacked for our strength, but our vulnerability is what keeps us going. What risks will you take before 2018 ends? Learn from Tamica’s story and try something you’ve doubted yourself on!

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