meet the founder

The mission of myblackbox co is to showcase the talent, ingenuity, and style of Black makers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. While there are thousands of large brands for you to purchase from and invite into your life, myblackbox co is a discovery experience for you with smaller brands and people. 

The purpose of myblackbox co is to curate and create honest, unique, and quality content across beauty, food, fashion, home, and art. Black-owned businesses make a variety of products! I take great pride in partnering with them to showcase diversity.


"I have several years experience in the marketing industry and previously worked towards helping corporations increase their profits. After being bit with the entrepreneurial spirit, I'm refocusing blackbox to myblackbox for content discovery. I love to travel and for my 30th birthday spent 3 weeks in southeast Asia; though I've lived in Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and London in the past. I also have a ridiculous amount of love for my pup, Montgomery, who gets a lion's share of my time when I'm not shopping, exploring and growing as a woman".
-Brittinee Phillips
Founder & Marketing Director